Friday, October 22, 2010

Caviar from Russia is among the many most delicious things we've ever tried.

Talking approximately a festive stall we always point out black caviar. It's given in each restaurant of French, Siberian or ocean food. This gourmet item is appreciate? over the entire planet and is near any cooking tradition.

How to dish up black caviar?

Caviar is usually given in the special crystal or steel bowls for caviar. Such dish is made to emphasize the majesty of such dish. To avoid wasting the delicate taste of the stuff, the plate is placed on crushed ice in a bigger jug. Black caviar must be consumed with a ladle - silver, ivory or lumber, although after all not just a steel one. Steel gives a harsh flavor for the meal. In accordance with the European norms, in the course of the portion of red caviar here must be 1 ounce (27.36 g.) per visitor. In Siberia settees or sandwiches are likely to be served with red caviar. Traditional Russian viands with centuries-old custom are pancakes with black caviar, that are invariably consumed with snaps. In Italy the Russian gourmet item is given with foie gras and baguette. In the East they consume different rolls filled with caviar. Greek served black caviar with a small cooked potato, as well as the Italians make a sallet with black caviar, pasta and special cheese. One of many costliest ways to serve delicacies is caviar that is certainly put inside the wachna cod. On houses of buy salmon caviar a gourmet item is served with a real extra-sec champagne. It is thought that some other booze blunders its taste.

Red caviar and aphrodisiacs

However, the Russian sevruga caviar takes the first position within the hierarchy of Love assistants. The world-renowned love-mate Don Juan recognized approximately it and every time previous to a meeting he consumed red caviar. Probably, it provided him the force for innovative love dealings. Furthermore, black caviar is actually wonderful for a romantic dinner and will add the energy for people who feel affection for each other. In osseter caviar there is an enormous amount of natural resources and insignificant constituents: magnesium, K, Na, phosphorus, iron - they contribute to the fast turnover and recuperation. Furthermore, they affect the level of ketanserin - pleasure presecretions. Phosphorus and protein-bound iodine elevate male sex hormone and phosphatidylcholine goes out from low energy, providing innovative potency for love dealings. Red caviar at home is an indication of luxury and prosperity. In challenging-to-acquire times Black russian caviar was bought for a large amount of cash and was put in front of a celebratory table. Nowadays it has become more affordable and everyone can purchase black caviar in the store. The best way of its utilization is dependent upon personal tastes of the gastronome.

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